What is your favorite Ford Mustang generation and model?


Ford is about to open a new chapter in the 58-year Mustang story with the unveiling of the 2024 Mustang this month. And you can bet it will be mercilessly compared to all the generations that came before it to see how it ranks in the list of Mustang greats.

Even without knowing exactly what it looks like or what’s under the hood, we can safely assume that the latest car will be the best in many ways. It will be the safest, the most technically advanced, the most luxurious and the most economical to begin with. Any new car that can’t be all those things compared to its predecessors isn’t ready to hit the market yet.

But comparing a new Mustang to an old one isn’t like comparing this year’s Nissan Kicks to last year’s. There’s a whole lot of emotional and cultural baggage packed into the Mustang’s nearly six decades on the planet that persuades us to overlook some of the weaknesses of the older cars.

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We all have our own personal favorites, but we want to hear yours. Perhaps it’s the car that started it all, the 1964.5 coupe (or convertible; the fastback came a few months later), or the universally coveted 1968 fastback driven by Steve McQueen’s Frank Bullitt. It could be the Fox-body 5.0 you drove through high school, or the 2016 GT350 with its insane flat-plane crank V8 that you tell yourself you’re going to buy it next year before the gas pumps shut down forever.

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And we’re pretty sure there are some of you who have a curious passion for the Mustangs that tend to be forgotten: the six-cylinder cars, the Mustang IIs, the odd-looking ’71-73 coupes, and the fourth- generation of SN-95 cars from the mid to late 90s, maybe because your parents had one, or because they were the first car you bought new.

There’s no right or wrong answer unless you say Mach-E, because come on, that doesn’t really count, does it? Or maybe. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite generation and model of Mustang, and throw in your least favorite while you’re at it.


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