Super-powerful Saleen Mustang SA 35 to be made for Saleen’s 35th anniversary

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Saleen makes a limited-edition model every five years to celebrate his anniversary – this time it has been 35 years. By 2019 Black Label Mustangs called "SA 35" will be made, and they will all have 780 hp and 630 pound-foot torque. The "normal" Saleen Black Label Mustang has only 770 hp. What a shame, right?

The purpose of this Saleen is to serve as a jubilee car, so it has all the necessary insignia and stickers that you would expect. You get 35-year-specific mudguards, a Black Label bonnet and an adapted interior. Everything is made up in the trademark black, white and yellow color combination of Saleen. Highlights include the Saleen R code suspension, forged wheels, General G-Max tires and a Saleen exhaust system.

There is no indication when exactly these will be available, but Saleen showed a prototype of this particular Mustang at a private event not so long ago. Chances are that orders are already placed, but there is still a possibility to call Saleen if you really want one.

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