Inkas Unveils $500,000 Armored Bentley Bentayga

Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Inkas has unveiled what it bills as the first commercially available armored Bentley Bentayga, a week after we saw the armored X5 Protection VR6 directly from BMW. It can be equipped with maximum level B6 protection, so it can withstand shots from a 7.62 mm round fired from an assault rifle. The first copy has already been purchased for around $ 500,000.

Based in Dubai and with offices in North America, Inkas provides a list of armor services for a number of different vehicles, including the Toyota Camry, Mercedes-Benz G-Class or even Ford Transit vans. And now it offers a service for Bentley & # 39; s luxury and performance-oriented Bentayga SUV.

Inkas offers two routes for its customers. An interested consumer can take a car and equip it the way he or she wants. Or the customer can tell Inkas what he is looking for and Inkas will purchase and build the entire project, including finding the right vehicle. For the Bentayga in particular, armor options start at $ 130,000 and full-purchase projects can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars, as noted earlier.

Standard armor for each project includes a passenger safety scale, multi-layer bullet-proof glass, battery and ECU protection, reinforced door hinges, reinforced suspension and run-flat tires. Inkas says that the B6 armor level is intended to stop armor penetrations, but it can also protect against grenade explosions.

Inkas also offers the options to equip the Bentayga with a lightweight armor package, a PA system, heavy brakes, emergency lighting, a fire extinguishing system and heavy wheels. We imagine that most orders check all boxes.

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– INKAS Vehicles (@inkasvehicles) 28 August 2019