How much would you charge to own this Lexus SC 430?

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Traditional ‘donk’ cars are classic Chevrolet Caprice and Impala models, and while this Lexus SC 430 is neither, it’s as striking as any other donk car we’ve come across.


This particular Lexus is for sale through Facebook Marketplace in Kansas City, Missouri with an asking price of $11,000. While the changes made to it certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, that’s not an unreasonable price, especially considering how expensive solid wheels and tires like these can be.


in typical marketplace style, the listing description is short, full of spelling and grammatical errors and doesn’t provide much detail about the car. What the seller does state is that the SC 430 is a “good running work car”, has a clean title and has no money on it. Looks like it has over 156,000 miles (~251,000 km) on the odometer.


The car itself is finished in a dark shade of purple, which is not only very striking, but also surprisingly well suited to the Lexus. The owner really wanted to make it stand out and outfitted it with a gold-colored chrome grille and a truly gigantic set of gold-colored wheels. Although we don’t know exactly how big these wheels are, they dramatically increase the ride height of the car and give that classic donk look.

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Only one interior shot is given in the offer. We can see it comes with two aftermarket head units and the seller says the rear seats have been removed and replaced with speakers.

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