Brabus 900 Rocket Edition G Wagen will hit 174 mph

You can always count on Brabus to come out with a totally ridiculous car or two every year. In 2021 this Brabus 900 Rocket Edition will win against the G Wagen.

And to make this clear from above, yes, the “900” in its name refers to the amount of horsepower it makes. This car starts its life as a Mercedes-AMG G 63, then Brabus takes it everywhere into the city. Its 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 gets a 4.5-litre displacement, a long list of new, stronger internals and two larger turbos. The adjustments add up to a shocking 900 horsepower and 922 pound-feet of torque. The time from 0-100 km/h is reduced to just 3.7 seconds. A regular G 63 has a claimed 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds, so this Rocket lives up to its name. Top speed is electronically limited to 274 mph, probably because you’re already pushing your luck into a box at that speed.

Brabus heavily modified this box to match its style and add downforce. It uses the Widestar exterior design we saw in an earlier G Wagen build from Brabus’, but this one takes it to another level. There is a new carbon fiber front splitter with side flaps designed to reduce lift at high speeds. In addition, the rear has a huge roof-mounted wing and a new diffuser to add even more downforce. Engineering downforce to a G Wagon feels wrong on a fundamental level, but these elements help it safely reach the top speed of 274 mph. Of course, a lower splitter and large diffuser hurt the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, but such efforts were clearly not part of Brabus’ plans. You will notice small details and bigger changes on the outside. Some are tastier than others.

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Brabus 900 Rocket Edition G Car

The giant 24-inch forged wheels and ultra-low-profile tires won’t do you any favors off-road, either. They feature aerodynamic carbon fiber discs that partially cover the wheels – these are some of the fanciest hubcap-type pieces you will ever see. Brabus has its own suspension system underneath to make the G Wagen ride better than the standard one.

Anyone who orders one of these has endless customization options, but Brabus proposes a red-heavy theme with its interior shots. Brabus calls this color “Rocket Red”, which makes sense considering you’re in the Rocket Edition G Wagen. It’s certainly not subtle, but what does the G Wagen owner enjoy flying under the radar? Brabus’ extra loud stainless steel exhaust system ensures everyone can hear you coming, but also offers a “Coming Home” mode that brings the sound back to a Mercedes whisper.

Only 25 of the Rocket editions will be made, and while Brabus doesn’t list a price online, you can bet the vehicle will cost a small fortune.

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