Video: Toyota cuts the roof out of a brand new Supra

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It’s uncommon for us to look behind the scenes of SEMA builds, but Toyota is now taking us there. There are two builds in progress, but the Supra project is getting the most attention.

The main draw is seeing the roof cut from the all-new Toyota GR Supra. You can see it happening in the video at the top of this post. The fun of removing the roof from the new Supra naturally comes from the Targa top option of the previous Supra. The fifth generation Supra is only available in hardtop coupe form, but if you really want a Supra convertible, just buy a BMW Z4.

SEMA is the place for outrageous and interesting stuff, though, and cutting the roof out of a fifth-generation Supra falls into the latter’s category. Toyota dropped a rendering of what the finished project would look like recently, but seeing the roof off in real life makes it all more real. Unfortunately, the video ends before Toyota gives us real glamor photos. It’s still very rough around the edges in the photos we see, so we’re looking forward to the final product.

The other project Toyota is currently working on involves trucks. You can watch the video directly above. Toyota teased this weird truck and trailer that was built a month ago. It uses the rear half of a Tacoma as a trailer, which means you have a double cargo bed: the cargo bed on the actual truck and the one you’re towing behind it.

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Plus, Toyota seems to add a ton of usability to the trailer section with pull-out drawers of all sizes that hide a host of useful camping gear. There is even a toilet seat. Hoera.

There will be more episodes like this. We are particularly intrigued by the Supra build. If it looks good enough, maybe Toyota should just offer a good Targa version of the Supra.

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