Toyota previews 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon lineup

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Toyota has unveiled part of its Tokyo Auto Salon line-up for 2021. The aftermarket extravaganza has been canceled due to a spike in COVID-19, but the cars are ready.

A bright yellow GR Supra headlines this first batch and shows off some new performance parts from Gazoo Racing. It is equipped with a damped bracket set for the front and rear. Essentially, they stiffen the unibody like a traditional strut bar, but are dampened to absorb some of the shocking forces that can weigh down the ride. Toyota says they help increase the linearity of the steering feel and smooth out road bumps. The Supra also carries a new exhaust system that doesn’t come cheap at $ 3,300. It comes with black chrome tips and some kind of sound enhancing valve at the exit.

However, we all know that the true soul of Toyota performance is the GR Yaris, the 268 horsepower hot hatch that the company will not sell in the US. No information is given on this new variant, but it appears to be more aggressive. looking for aero bits stuck, including a front air splitter and side skirts. It also has racing stripes, and we all know stripes are the same speed, right? If it turns out to be more of a blast than the GR Yaris stock already is, we’ll be very sad.

At the other end of the Yaris spectrum is something called the Yaris Cross Advance Robust Style. In other words, it’s a beefed up version of the Yaris Cross released for Japan and Europe earlier this year. A Yaris Cross is exactly what it sounds like, a larger compact hatchback with fake off-road design cues such as black trim on the wheel arches. These modified versions are unlikely to have any performance benefits; they seem more likely to turn into a robot and attack you.

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Finally, there is the Mirai Modellista, a snazzier version of Toyota’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell sedan. In looks, the new Mirai is already a stunner compared to the previous model, but Toyota has installed a graceful front spoiler and thin side skirts for a Lexus-like feel. While not performance-related, the idea of ​​buying aftermarket parts to customize an FCV is fairly new and could help Toyota integrate the technology.

While not quite as fanciful as Daihatsu’s Tokyo Auto Salon Line-up, this is probably just a small sample of Toyota’s plans. Normally, Toyota has a lot more on the show floor, but with the event going virtual this year, we’ll just have to tune in on January 15 to see more.

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