The Lister LFT-C is what every Jaguar F-Type Convertible dreams it could be

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Lister has just announced a limited series of LFT-C Jaguar F-Type conversion cars. It made 99 of the coupes in this spec, but now there will be 10 convertibles available to buy worldwide. The LFT-C name further confuses the naming of Lister for this car, which was initially known as the Thunder, then changed to the LFT-666 and now these new convertibles are called LFT-C. We would simply have always been at Thunder and called it a Thunder convertible.

It makes the same 666 hp as the Lister F-Types before, but that is still considerably more than the 575 hp from the F-Type SVR. Lister does a lot of his own work on the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 to put the extra horsepower on top of what Jag can do with his factory performance division. The nice thing about this aftermarket work is that it still gets a seven-year warranty from Lister, so it's comparable to a new car powertrain warranty. This should give you some peace of mind if you sprint to 62 km / h in just over three seconds.

However, more than just engine work has been done on the LFT-C. Lister has its own suspension, exhaust, braking system and wheels designed to make the rest of the car snuff. Carbon fiber body parts replace everything from Jaguar where possible. Other Lister exterior design touches include a new front bumper, front splitter, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, rear wheel arches, a new grille design and light-alloy wheels with Michelin tires. Lister distinguishes this course of 10 cars by adding a unique interior, but customers can request anything they want in terms of customization.

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Because so few cars are available, it is unlikely that anyone will appear on this side of the world after being manufactured in the UK. That said, we asked Lister, and they said you can buy one here. Basic price for the LFT-C is a cool $ 182,995, and that's only where it starts. We are sure that the adjustment options will make it jump up from here. The price for a basic F-Type SVR Cabriolet is $ 127,725, so you look at a hefty premium compared to the donor car for what Lister has to offer. The LFT-C is now available for ordering.