‘Project Electrom’ is a Honda Grom with a 50HP electric motor

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With the beginning of the revolution in electric vehicles, aftermarket conversions replacing combustion engines have grown enormously in popularity. The ambitious projects are also not limited to old journeys. Some wild individuals turn brand new vehicles into couple-like green fun mobiles. The latest one is a Honda Grom 2019 with a 50 hp electric motor from an Alta Motors motorcycle.

Marked on Asphalt and rubber, the men behind this project met on an Alta forum. The founder of ElectroBraap, a motorcycle-focused enthusiastic brand, wanted to electrify the Grom-minibike and he appealed to Mark Christman, a retired aerospace engineer, avid motorcyclist and owner of custom design and manufacturing company MSC Performance, who had all the tools and craftsmanship to project Project Electrom. realize.

ElectroBraap stripped the bike to the frame and drove to L.A. to meet Christman, who helped explain exactly what had to happen. The video explains the full extent of the changes made to the Grom equipment, but some of the most important changes are a new shot design, a chopped gas tank with twisted electronics, adjusted brackets and many adjusted spacers. The chassis and bodywork are not adjusted at all.

The powertrain came from an Alta Motors Redshift MXR dirt bike (R.I.P., Alta). It has a 350-volt battery that drives an electric motor that supplies around 50 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque in stock. That can be bumped up to 60 hp if it is installed correctly. Given the Grom comes standard with a 9.7 horsepower, 125cc engine, which is an absolute absurd amount of power for such a small bike.

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Watch the video above to see how everything comes together.