Mopar announces retractable bed step for Ram 1500, Heavy Duty pickups

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As trucks get bigger, it becomes more and more difficult to jump into the cargo bed without performing snake-like movements. Mopar solved this problem by developing a retractable bed trap that is compatible with Ram’s pickups.

When it is not necessary, such as when the truck is moving, the step is tucked away under the cargo bed. Where it is mounted depends on the model. It can be bolted to the left side of the tow bar (if available) on 1,500 trucks equipped with the 60/40 piece multi-function tailgate, or directly under the driver’s side corner of the bumper in Classic and Heavy Duty models . Either way, users can extend it with their foot so that they can even step into the box with full hands.

Mopar noted that it makes the move with high-quality aluminum and applies a black e-coat or a powder coating for better durability. There’s no word on whether users can install it themselves, or if it needs to be added by a technician, but we can’t imagine having to cut or weld it. Chances are it will be held by sturdy bolts.

Now on sale in the United States and Canada, the retractable bedstep developed for trucks with a split tailgate carries part number 82216265AB and costs $ 395. It can hold up to 350 pounds. If your 1500 has a one-piece tailgate, the step you need also offers a 350-pound capacity, but it has part number 82215289AG and costs $ 365. Heavy-duty owners should ask for part number 82215842AE and set aside $ 365.

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Mopar has not forgotten motorists with an older truck. Part number 82214245AD corresponds to a step to fit the last generation 1500, which is still available new as the 1500 Classic, and it can carry 300 pounds. It’s developed to fit single or dual exhaust models, according to Ram, and it’s the cheapest of the bunch at $ 304.

Numerous aftermarket manufacturers offer retractable bed steps, it’s an accessory that’s been around for years, but Mopar stands out for being backed by a two-year warranty, regardless of mileage, or for the rest of the truck’s three-year warranty, 36,000- mile warranty. Looking at the competition, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra twins are available with steps integrated into the cargo bed and rear bumper so they don’t slide out, but the latter’s MultiPro tailgate can be configured as one wide step. Chevrolet could also offer it soon.

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