Kia Stinger GT420 is a stripped and tuned track car from the U.K.

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The Kia Stinger GT is an admirable sports sedan, eh, hatchback, with 365 hp. But the British branch of Kia wanted more, which led to the 420 hp Singer GT420 that you see here. As Kia explains, the car used to make this one-time tracked car is actually the first Stinger GT pre-production test car in the UK. He was used for final tests, photography and was even seen on Top Gear and The Grand Tour. However, once the tests and publicity tasks were over, it was planned to be crushed. But some delay and the idea of ​​building a track car saved it.

To get the final output of 420 hp and 413 pounds of torque, Kia (with the help of the technical team at Hyundai Motor Group in Germany) added an airflow filter, aftermarket exhaust without catalysts, an improved transmission cooler and an engine tune.

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The car also benefits from weight reduction: the entire car was stripped and removed everything that was unnecessary for speed, such as the sound system, rear seats, carpeting, bumper supports and more. Even with the addition of a roll cage and additional chassis brackets, the car is just over 330 pounds lighter than the stock. The handling and stopping options were also improved with stiffer springs and thicker anti-roll bars, along with six-piston calipers and front brake cooling channels. The car also gets visual changes in the form of a front splitter and rear spoiler and diffuser, plus the bold vinyl wrap.

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Of course this is not a production car, especially with the stripped interior and the non-compliant exhaust gases. But looking at the list of adjustments, it would not be difficult to replicate the Stinger GT420 itself. In fact, someone can probably exceed the performance of the car because there are some areas that are ripe for upgrading Kia, such as upgrading the turbochargers. Your move, tuners.

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