Land Rover Classic introduces Defender performance upgrade kits

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The new Land Rover Defender is not far from its premiere, but Land Rover is not yet ready with love for the original. Last year the most English brand released a limited-edition Defender Works V8 with a short wheelbase to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary. The truck, limited to 150 copies, was powered by a 5.0-liter V8 with 399 hp and had some upgraded parts to manage the power. Land Rover Classic has now released a line of performance sweeteners based on the parts screwed to the 70-year anniversary model, including wheels, brakes and suspension, built for each Defender 90 or 110 model.

The easiest access point is the 18-inch, diamond-turned saw sprocket. They cost £ 432 each ($ 525) and move right to any Defender made after 1994. Different wheel bolts may be required for previous model years.

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The Defender Suspension Upgrade Kit increases the response on the road and works on every Defender built from model year 2007. It replaces the supply unit for tuned dampers, coil springs with revised speeds and new anti-roll bars, couplings and bushings. The kit costs £ 1822 ($ 2,230) for the 90 series and £ 2247 ($ 2,749) for the 110. The Defender Handling Upgrade Kit bundles a set of saw sprockets and the suspension with 13.1-inch front and 11.8-inch rear brake discs, calipers with four pistons and new brake pads. Prizes rise to £ 9,967 ($ 12,192) for a 90 and £ 10,391 ($ 12.711) for a 110. plans to restructure sales operations, cut staff amid investor pressure

The biggest blow comes with the Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit, which was only built for the 2.2-liter TDCi models from model year 2012. That starts with the Handling Upgrade Kit, which has 39 extra horsepower, performance tires and add special badges. Top speed climbs to the same 106 km / h of the Defender Works V8, but with the 106 hp of the diesel and a torque of 341 pounds, the 5.6-second 0-60 remains out of range.

This is a campaign focused on the euro. The first three kits can be ordered and installed at any Land Rover dealer, but the Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit is only available for purchase and installation at the Land Rover Classic centers in Coventry, England or Essen, Germany. The expanded set costs £ 16,995 ($ 20,685), including vehicle collection, installation, a certificate of authenticity, a two-hour inspection, oil and filter replacement, and a tour of the facility. We don't have Land Rover Classic in the United States yet, but outfitters like East Coast Defender are likely to get you in the margins.

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