Honda S660 Neo Classic gives little sports car retro looks

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We stretched out in the Pacific to the awe-inspiring little Honda S660 sports car since its introduction in 2015. We've done so much that Honda had to shatter all the rumors about some version of it. And now Honda is gone and has made a wild retro body package for the S660, which makes us yearn for the roadster again.
The kit is called the S660 Neo Classic kit and is based on a concept car that was shown for the first time in 2016 at the Tokyo Motor Show. And the design is very similar to that of the N-One bucket class hatchback and the Honda Sports EV with its round headlights, solid black plastic grille and general retro look. According to Honda, the concept was well received, so it was about developing the kit you see here. It is somewhat simplified, mainly because it has less troublesome pieces of chrome.

It is also a comprehensive equipment. It comes with new mudguards, hood, bumpers, grille and lighting. Each piece is made of fiberglass, but it is interesting that they are not painted. It is strange because the set comes from Honda, so it seems easy for the company to paint the parts in factory colors when asked. The company says it is the intention that the owners paint the car anyway, anyway, so why would you want to paint them in the first place?

It is not surprising that, given the amount that fits in this body kit, it is not cheap. At current exchange rates it costs about $ 11,500. That is even more eyewatering when you consider that an S660 base costs just $ 18,000. And that gives you a whole car. Yet we are sure that serious fans of the car will be willing to throw out the big money to have something unique. Those people will be able to order a kit from September 21, 2018. And since the S660 will probably never come here, Americans will have to wait only about 25 years to import a converted example. Glad to wait.

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