German tuner Startech creates body kit for Tesla Model 3

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For those of you who like the idea of ​​the Tesla Model 3 but think it looks too much like a duck-billed platypus, you’re in luck. The bumper kit you see here is sold by Startech, the offshoot of German tuner Brabus tasked with making aftermarket upgrades for brands that are not Mercedes-Benz. In other words, it should actually be a quality piece. The price tag, without installation, is € 1,100, which equates to $ 1,290. Pricing and availability for the US market were not indicated.

Startech also created a rear bumper kit and an elaborate spoiler that extends across the rear fenders. The car you see here has also been lowered, because of course it was. It’s actually pretty understated by German tuner standards.

Now is this better than the normal Model 3? You tell us! In any case, this Startech kit offers a glimpse of what the Model 3 could look like with a different face. Sure, it’s a bit of Lambo, and there’s definitely a matter of mimicking a massive air intake for a car that doesn’t need air. So it might actually be awful, but one thing is for sure – it doesn’t look like a platypus anymore.

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