David Brown Mini Remastered Marshall Edition is amped-up

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This year marks the 60th anniversary of British audio brand Marshall Amplification, and the company is celebrating with a special version of another British icon with the help of David Brown Automotive. The result is a limited edition of David Brown’s Mini Remastered Marshall Edition, packed with equipment and design references to the audio company.

The Mini Remastered is completely painted black, even most of the chrome trim. Gold accents such as the stripes, grille and rims complete the Marshall look. The grille itself is also made to look like the grilles on Marshall speakers.

David Brown Mini Remastered Marshall Edition

The interior boosts the Marshall influence to 11. More gold accents appear from the stitching to the knurled control knobs and handles. The door panels feature fabric sections designed to match the speaker covers of Marshall amps. The sound system features a Pioneer head unit, but all speakers are Marshall, including lower units with the distinctive white logos. In the glove compartment are wireless Marshall headphones that sit on top of a wireless charging point. And to top it off, the pedals with the symbols skip track (clutch), pause (brake) and play (throttle).

However, the trunk is the highlight of the car. It includes a Marshall guitar amp with its own power supply so you can rock wherever you park. A Marshall Bluetooth speaker is also packed in the back, in case you need tunes elsewhere.

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Only 60 Marshall Editions will be built. They all come with a 1.3-liter four-cylinder that puts out 83 horsepower and 98 pound-feet of torque. The only transmission is a five-speed manual. Both left and right hand drive models are available. The price has not been disclosed, but a portion of the sale will go to a UK charity called Music Venue Trust, which has funded concert halls during the pandemic. David Brown Automotive is now taking reservations and deliveries will be made later this year.

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