2020 Toyota Supra gets tuned to 420 horsepower by U.K. tuner already

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The Toyota Supra 2020 has only been at dealer parties for a few weeks, but a British tuner company is already extracting more horsepower from the 3.0-liter turbo-inline-six engine. Pistonheads reports that Litchfield has succeeded in returning 420 hp via a remap of the ECU. There were no hardware changes to the melody – this is just computer work at the moment.

For reference, Toyota says the Supra is taking 335 hp from the factory – it's fast, and we've confirmed that the other day even more with the first official lap time being set. If the car really makes so much power, this basic model adds an impressive 85 hp. Previous dyno stock Supras has returned conflicting data, but the car may have more power than Toyota allows. Due to the variation in dynamometers, climate and used cars, it is simply not possible to compare all these cars with each other.

What is good to see is that Litchfield is not nearly finished yet. The report goes on to say that Litchfield is working on optimizing a tune with bolt-on changes. Litchfield eliminates the factory particle filter (not installed on American spec cars & # 39; s) and then gives people the choice between a Milltek or Akrapovic exhaust. According to Litchfield, these light touches should yield another 20-30 hp.

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A similar number for other BMW vehicles that Litchfield worked on costs just £ 600, which translates to around $ 730. The tune and exhaust would probably be around $ 1500 in total, so you could have a 450 HP Supra for not lots of money. Because Litchfield is a British company, people in the US can of course not immediately benefit from this number. Litchfield is not even ready to sell to European customers. This information serves as a solid foundation for what to expect when American tuners begin to unlock more of that BMW power. We will keep a close eye on this in the near future.