Mil-Spec built a Hummer H1 track truck

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Mil-Spec is one of the newest companies looking for success with restored and modified versions of iconic vehicles. Instead of Porsche 911s or & # 39; 60s trucks and SUV & # 39; s the cloths are Hummer H1s. Customers' vehicles are big, unthinking off-road machines, but that is not all that the company is capable of. We recently learned that the crew built a Hummer H1 there, intended for use on the circuit, and it is amazing.

The base vehicle is a four-door convertible pickup and Mil-Spec has thoroughly modified the suspension. It has custom coilovers with rigid springs and the entire geometry of the suspension has been revised. Overall it was reduced an astonishing seven inches compared to a stock H1. The internal brakes of the H1 are now equipped with six-piston calipers and the wheels are packaged in Pirelli P-Zero tires with a low profile. Also impressive is the fact that the truck still has a part-time four-wheel drive.

Under the bonnet is a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel v8, similar to that in the customer models. But it is fully tuned to 800 hp and 1,500 pound-foot torque. This engine also plays a role in the origin of this truck. Apparently the truck was used for testing and developing the final trainer. But it was also built to emphasize the capabilities of the company.

If you want one of these, well, you can not have one. At least not yet. We asked a Mil-Spec representative and he told us that there are no plans to offer barrier-driven H1 & # 39; s. That is understandable, because the company is still building and selling the first run of 12 off-road-ready vehicles. He said, however, that the truck had generated a lot of interest. So if the company has time, and if a really rich buyer really wanted one, the Mil-Spec might be able to work out something. But in the meantime, the company is sticking to long, bumpy H1 & # 39; s.

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