Ford Bronco joins the Easter Safari fun with new custom builds

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Ford is entering this year’s Easter Safari (Yes, that Easter Safari) promotion with some custom 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport builds on display at Moab’s annual off-road gathering.

This year, Ford is partnering with RTR vehicles (mostly known from Mustang builds, but no stranger to Fords in general), ARB 4×4 accessories and 4 Wheel Parts, each contributing a full-size Bronco build. Ford also brought in one of its prototype Broncos, adorned with custom parts and accessories from a handful of other aftermarket partners, and 4 Wheel Parts threw in a Bronco Sport build for giggles.

Custom four-door from RTR Vehicles

RTR is a household name in Ford enthusiast circles, so many will likely be happy to see the name pop up in the Bronco realm. RTR built a four-door Badlands model with modified rock sliders, modified rear bumper and a 3D printed grille with “simulated accent lighting”. The wheels are RTR Tech-6s packed in 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers. RTR also mounted a Project X light bar and had a custom wrap made to complete it.

Custom four-door by ARB 4×4 accessories

The ARB build is also based on a four-door Badlands model and features (airbag compliant) modified front and rear bumpers, modified heavy-duty rock rails, a modified skid plate and some camping gear.

“These accessories represent years of design and engineering collaboration with the Ford team to build parts powered by the Bronco SUV off-road legacy and style,” said Doug Pettis, president, ARB USA. “This design represents a practical yet capable vehicle that improves performance and increases comfort off-road.”

Custom four-door by 4 Wheel Parts

4WP started with a four-door Black Diamond model. This build has internal designs for the front bumper, skid plate and winch platform. They also take credit for the custom suspension, roof racks and lighting brackets. The tent comes from Smittybilt, and the 17-inch Method wheels are packed in 37-inch BFG mud grounds.

Ford’s original plan was to launch the Bronco in 2021 with more than 200 accessories available. Between the pandemic itself and associated supply chain calamities, we’re not sure how close they got to that point, but it’s clear Ford remains committed to the concept, come on hell or high.