Cyberlandr is a pickup camper for the Tesla Cybertruck

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The Tesla Cybertruck will not start production until 2022, but we already have our first Cybertruck conversion for motorhomes, the Cyberlandr. And like its guest EV pickup vehicle, the Cyberlandr features a range of 21st century features and modern design details.

The Cyberlandr uses a pop-up concept. When folded, it molds to the shape of the truck. The unit then expands to four times the ride height and out onto the open tailgate of the truck, creating two small rooms: a large living / dining / sleeping area and a small bathroom.

The living area has a kitchen with an undercounter fridge, a sink and an induction hob built into the worktop. The crane is contactless and / or voice controlled. All appliances are (of course) electric and the porcelain tiled floor is electrically heated. Two reconfigurable armchairs provide seating or can be laid flat and installed above the counter to create a double bed. They are also removable for sitting outside. Instead of chintzy curtains, the Cyberlandr’s double windows darken electrochromatically.

Because half the fun of being outdoors is watching TV when you get there, a 32-inch flat screen is mounted on the wall. In fact, it doubles as a monitor, for all of your gig economy workers who can never take a vacation. A StarLink satellite provides wireless connectivity and 500 watts of rooftop solar panels help keep the Cyberlandr up and running.

The payphone-sized cyber bathroom features next-level technology. There is a “self-cleaning” toilet with dry flush, eliminating the need for a black water tank. And a four-stage water filtration system allows for a recirculation shower.

However, Cyblerlandr says specifications and features are subject to change. The main reason is probably that Tesla has not yet revealed the final dimensions of the production Cybertruck. Nevertheless, Cyberlandr takes reservations – and down payments! – straight away. If you make a down payment of $ 5,000, you get 20% off the Cyberlandr, and get it for $ 39,995 – but you better hurry, because there are only 20 of them at that price. Smaller deposits earn smaller discounts, but have greater availability, all on a sliding scale. The smallest deposit is $ 100, resulting in a retail price of $ 44,995. That deal is only valid during the unspecified promotional period. After that, the rate is $ 49,995.

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