New 1966-77 Ford Broncos for sale

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For everyone who loves the original Ford Bronco, we have fantastic news for you. Gateway Broncos and Ford have just signed a license agreement with which Gateway can build limited numbers of 1966-77 Broncos. This is not just a cheesy look at the original Bronco. Gateway builds these trucks with Ford's blessing, and they come with a five-year warranty bumper to bumper.

Gateway was founded by Seth Burgett as a Bronco restoration company in 2016, but it has quickly grown into something much more than that. We have seen recreation such as the Icon Bronco, but no one has such an agreement with Ford to make the vehicle again. These new trucks from Gateway will not only be restored, but instead they will be manufactured all around with new metal. If you want, Gateway builds up a whole new body and frame. That's right, no donor car or demolition needed. Every last part of the vehicle can be brand new, just as Ford intended when they entered the world in 1966. However, the possibility of restoring an existing vehicle or placing a new body on a vintage frame remains.

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To begin with, Gateway will offer three Bronco models that it calls the Fuelie, Coyote Edition and Modern Day Warrior. These range in price from $ 120,000 – $ 180,000. Gateway enhances the original Broncos with new technology, and also makes them original. The Coyote edition is predictably a Ford 5.0-liter V8, just like the Modern Day Warrior model. The Fuelie is satisfied with a 347 Stroker. Disc brakes with four wheels from Willwood are included to make the stop of the now faster truck less stressful. Sound and vibration reductions are also incorporated in the new vehicle.

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You could make comparisons with Singer 911s, but these guys are even different from them. Gateway literally adds Broncos of the first generation to the road and not only brings back to life that has existed for half a century. The reservation to this is the new technology that is put into it. There is certainly something to say for making it exactly as it came from the factory, but the strength and reliability of new engines is difficult to counter.

With the new Bronco (s) coming up, the excitement around the model name grows to a feverish pitch. If the new one is not exactly your cup of tea when it is finally revealed, options are plentiful. That is, if you have the princely amounts that Gateway Broncos asks, the company says it expects to build four vehicles per month in 2019.

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