Mil-Spec Automotive announces Ford F-150 with 675 horsepower V8

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We just drove the Mil-Spec Automotive F-150, but the company has already announced a special edition with even more power than the truck we drove. It’s called the Intrepid Performance Package, and it takes the 5.0-liter V8 from 500 hp to 675 hp.

The massive increase in power is thanks to a Ford Performance supercharger and a few other additions. Mil-Spec says it has upgraded the fuel rails and added an air-to-liquid intercooler in the lower intake manifold. This is in addition to the standard 5.0 upgrades, including a new throttle body, intake and cat-back exhaust. It’s all topped off with a 93-octane tune to take advantage of all the new parts. Mil-Spec’s results are solid as the 675 horses are joined by 620 pound-feet of torque.

Mil-Spec hasn’t changed the design of the Intrepid package much, but the one pictured here is equipped with enough light to dazzle your entire neighborhood. They look like they would work great off road for a nighttime dune run. And you should definitely hit the dunes, because this truck has the same optional “Baja Performance Suspension” that you can get on the non-supercharged truck. You can travel up to 12 inches and Mil-Spec adapts the configuration to your specific usage scenarios. New rear shocks, new wishbones and thru axles, and Fox Racing shocks are all included. Mil-Spec claims that you can still tow without problems too.

There’s less to it inside, but Mil-Spec upgrades the leather trim on the inside if you’re willing to pay the extra. A new steering wheel with magnesium paddles has been fitted and a metal badge is thrown in to announce that it is also a Mil-Spec truck.

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All this, plus Mil-Spec will honor its parts with a warranty. All Ford bits are also covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The supercharged Mil-Spec F-150 can be yours for $ 89,500, but if you add the suspension, interior, and other upgrades, the price can go up to $ 118,000. If you don’t need the extra 175 horsepower (come on, of course you do), head for the standard Mil-Spec truck for $ 77,245.

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