Land Rover Pet Packs accessories help with transporting dogs

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SUV & # 39; s and dogs go well together. If you think of a classic Land Rover roaming the British countryside, it is not difficult to imagine that a loyal companion occupies the load space when the owner is on the road. Heck, the most famous owner of Land Rover, Queen Elizabeth II, takes her famous corgi & # 39; s for rides in her Defender. Land Rover even says that half of the owners, royal or otherwise, also have dogs and as a result it has launched a special assortment of "pet packages" to make transporting dogs a bit easier.

Starting this winter, three separate packages are available to customers in the United States: the pet room protection package, the pet transport package and the pet care and access package. The first of three consists of a padded luggage compartment lining, a full-height luggage compartment and a spill-proof water bowl for the dog. In addition to the water container, the transport package includes a foldable dog carrier and a rubber mat for the cargo area. The third package adds a special ramp and even a portable flushing system to the partition wall and lining of the cargo area protection package.

The liner is designed to be model-specific and protects cabin materials and can be easily cleaned. The ramp is in turn intended for older or smaller dogs to enter the loading area and can support up to 187 lbs. Land Rover notes that the 6.5-liter rinsing system is good for five minutes of power, can also be used for washing bicycles, not necessarily just for animals.

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It is true that such items are already widely available, and in the case of partitions and secure providers, strongly recommended to keep your pets safe in case of an accident (and you are protected from dogs flying by car ). The fact that Land Rover simply sells ordered packages that are specifically geared to their vehicles, and on a supposed quality that is suitable for their high price tags, would make a difference here.

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