Hyundai-Kia group combines for slim gain as Genesis bleeding continues

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Small cars, hybrids and crossovers lifted the Hyundai-Kia group in South Korea to a narrow sales increase of 0.7 percent in the US, a result that was depressed by less fleet sales and the continued decline of the luxury brand Genesis.

The three brands combined to sell 98,127 vehicles.

The 2.8 percent profit of the Hyundai brand was driven by its top seller, the compact Elantra car and new crossovers, including the recently updated Tucson. The new Kona finished in October with 4,330 units, the pace of September up to standard. The growth of Kia was led by his small cars and the hybrid crossover of Niro.

Genesis, a three-car brand in a truck-dominated market, was no help, with just 372 vehicles in October, despite the addition of the G70 sports sedan, Hyundai's probable response to the BMW 3-series.

brands: Hyundai increased by 2.8%; Genesis 79% lower; Kia rose by 1.6%. For the year Hyundai is not good for 0.4%, Genesis is 45% lower and Kia drops by 1%.

Remarkable name tags: Hyundai Tuscon rises by 32%; Elantra increased by 24%; Ioniq 25% higher; Genesis G80 85% lower; Kia Rio rises by 45%; Niro rises by 12%; Sportage 11% higher. Cadenza drops by 80%; Soul 14% lower.

Incentives: $ 2,772 per vehicle for Hyundai, including Genesis, 7.7% less than a year earlier, according to ALG; Kia increased by 0.2% to $ 3,646.

Average transaction price: Hyundai dropped 1.9% from a year earlier to $ 22,484, including Genesis, according to ALG; Kia increased by 3.3% to $ 22,589.

Fleet: Hyundai said the sales of the fleet were 22% lower than a year earlier and that the retail trade increased by 8%.

Quote: "Our refreshed line-up leads to success in retail" in the second half of the year, said John Angevine, director of national sales for Hyundai Motor America.

Did you know? The fully electrified nameplates of the group – Hyongai & # 39; s Ioniq and Kia & # 39; s Niro – have risen 16% for the year.