How do Toyota’s 2022 GR Supra, 1,250 WHP 2JZ Supra and Lexus IS 500 stack up against BMW’s M240i, M340i and M4 competition?

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The future of cars will almost certainly have far fewer cylinders. We’ve been seeing that metric drop for decades now, but it doesn’t mean the current landscape is devoid of groundbreaking engines. In this drag race-focused video, Jason Cammisa shows us why the B58 and S58 inline six engines BMW is now making will become the two best ever.

What better way to demonstrate the performance capabilities of these engines than to confront them with two widely recognized brutes? The first to be mentioned is the Lexus IS500, a compact sedan with a hefty V8 under the hood with 472 hp (351 kW) on tap. It may seem a bit unfair to compare it to the new Supra with its 382 hp (284 kW).

However, the Supra not only wins, but does so in an impressive way. The platform makes a difference, of course, as the Supra weighs about 600 pounds less than the IS. It also has gear ratios that are 25 percent shorter, which helps with acceleration.

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But really, the engine itself is the catalyst for speed and that’s why we’re glad it’s also in the BMW M240i xDrive and the M340i. Of course, none of these cars has the S58 from the new M4 xDrive Competition. Think of it as a more extreme branch away from the B58, as it has lower compression, more boost, forged pistons and 503 horsepower (375 kW).

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Cammisa points out that tuners get about double the S58, so he thinks it’s appropriate to go up against another tuner-friendly six-cylinder. That’s the 2JZ found in the Toyota Mk IV Supra and in this particular case it’s a 3.2-litre engine that delivers 1,250 horsepower (932 kW) to the wheels.

From a standstill where the Supra engages its anti-lag and the BMW uses its launch control, it’s the M4 that makes the leap. In fact, it’s only when the old-school Supra can get into a boost that it starts to come around the new BMW to take a win just before the line.

Put a less skilled driver in the Supra’s bucket seat and the BMW might have taken the win. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that the new M4 xDrive Competition is a stock production car that anyone with the money can just buy like it’s nothing big. Indeed, the B58 and S58 will be sorely missed once they are gone.


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