Ford to show 7 different wild F-Series trucks at SEMA

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Ford is bringing an F-series truck for everyone this year to the SEMA show. Whether you like off-road craziness or fast trucks, there seems to be one of everything. This is the overview:

Gen-2 Full-Race Motorsports & Freak-O-Boost & # 39; F-150

This truck (pictured above in the gallery) is for off-road enthusiasts. A three-inch lift kit and Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension along with some Raptor bits provide extra power on the sidewalk. Bead-lock wheels and all-terrain tires are also there to help. There is apparently enough power to have, as Full-Race Motorsports used a twin-turbo upgrade, cat-back exhaust, HeadGames Motorworks cylinder heads and a high-flow fuel pump. This F-150 started its life with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, but all these changes transform him into a pretty off-road beast.
Ford F-Series 2018 SEMA

Transfer Flow F-150

If you were looking for the ultimate adventure car, Transfer Flow seems to cover it. Starting with the 3.0-liter diesel V6, this truck gets an off-road air suspension from Hellwig Products. Large off-road tires give it the rugged look that suits the extra possibility. There is a 50 gallon fuel tank on board along with a 40-gallon in-bed extra toolbox combo with a refueling kit as well. Yes, you probably have enough fuel for some adventure here.

Ford F-Series 2018 SEMA

Kurt Busch and ZB Customs F-150

But maybe you wanted 1000 hp, as a reasonable person would wish. Enter the 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 F-150 with exactly the same power. This truck has JE forged pistons, Ford Performance forged rotary fitting, oil pan and pump and side outlet exhaust. The suspension has dropped two centimeters and it rides on the hydraulic driving height system of JRi Shocks. PAC Racing coilovers and stabilizer bars should keep the 1,000 hp in line a bit better in line. Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar tires are brought to a standstill by eight-piston Brembos in front and four-piston calipers in the rear.

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Ford F-Series 2018 SEMA

Speedkore F-150

This does not have 1,000 horsepower, but does have the 5.0-liter V8 on which the Ford Performance charger is attached. With three centimeters lowered, it has some parts of the MaxTrac suspension and the same Brembos with eight pistons from the previous truck. Numerous exterior improvements ensure that the sports truck looks good, and an exhaust with side exit should attract the attention of people who did not initially see the stealthy truck.

Ford F-Series 2018 SEMA

Wilderness Collective F-250 Super Duty

Here is another lifted adventure car, which was designed and compiled by a travel company, Wilderness Collective. It gets a two-inch airlift kit along with off-road wheels and tires. This truck is one of the few that does not get a big push, but the focus here is on taking it everywhere. It has a complete kit for radio communication and burns everywhere to light your way. Numerous camping and wilderness-friendly add-ons are also tied to or mounted over the entire truck.

Extang F-350 Super Duty

Extang F-350 Super Duty

This truck is designed as the ultimate tailgate accessory. It has an extendable game table, BBQ grill and cooler plus a 65-inch 4K TV to watch all games. Mechanically, it features a specially designed air suspension along with 24-inch wheels. It literally comes with everything you need when you hang around for a big game.

Ford F-Series 2018 SEMA

Deberti Design F-250 Super Duty work trolley

Most trucks here are not made for the average work truck, but they are trying to be the best work truck. There is a twin-turbo kit from Midwest Diesel & Auto that pumps the power to 900 hp. Adjustable Fox shocks and Hellwig airbags are the most important adaptations of the suspension, while rim-braking wheels and off-road tires add extra power when the workplace is extra gnarly.

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