Cyan Racing reveals engine, interior of its resto-mod Volvo P1800

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In September, Cyan Racing, the famous Volvo racing shop that turned the 850 Wagon into a Super Touring machine, unveiled its beautiful resto mod P1800. After that, the focus was on the classic skin hiding a modern drivetrain powered by a 420-horse, 355 lb-ft, turbocharged Volvo 2.0-liter inline-four. Now Cyan has revealed what that engine and the interior of the P1800 Cyan will look like.

Like the body, which has been widened and the greenhouse moved, the cabin is not an exact replica of the original. Cyan calls it an interpretation, but there are several clues that evoke Carrozzeria Ghia’s 1961 design. First, the instrumentation features a large tachometer and chrome-trimmed speedometer on either side of thin, vertical gauges that monitor water and oil temperatures. Three additional gauges to the right of the main capsule mimic the original’s fuel, oil pressure, and clock.

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Likewise, the door panels feature simple inserts with a horizontal line pattern, but now they are interrupted by huge speaker grilles. But while the overall shape of the dashboard and door panels dates back to the 1960s, even down to the dash-mounted rear-view mirror, lightly dazzling modern materials give the interior a cavernous atmosphere that seems to contrast with the airiness of the original.

Underhood, the engine, shared with the SC60 TC1 race car, exudes an old-world look. There is no solid plastic bonnet, only mechanical minimalism in the form of simple rocker covers, exposed camshafts, a classically shaped intake plenum and a beautiful jumble of exhaust heads.

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Cyan says their goal was not to put modernity into a classic body, but to provide an analog driving experience as well. So the P1800 has no ABS, traction or traction control. However, the wheelhouse has been refreshed with a rack and pinion box, and the suspension has been upgraded with aluminum arms and a fully independent setup designed by Cyan.

Given the success of its race cars, that suspension design is certainly light years ahead of the old solid axle. Cyan, known as Polestar before Volvo bought the brand entirely to make it up in its own performance brand, will build it for customers and has told Autoblog the entry price is around $ 500,000.

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