2020 BMW X3 M, X4 M get carbon fiber accessories

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The BMW X3 M and X4 M 2020 are not yet fully available, but if they are launched in July, you can adjust them with a number of M Performance components. However, none of the components do anything to improve performance. They are all external and internal parts, usually made of carbon fiber.

For the outside you have a selection of subtle parts. You can exchange your grilles and fenders for carbon fiber examples. Slightly more aggressive side skirts with carbon fiber sections and glossy black rear spoiler additions are also available. And of course the pee light can be replaced by a copy with the M logo. Less subtle are the geometric emblems that are available for the sides. They feature all three colors of the M brand and are certainly striking.

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For the interior, M Performance offers steering wheel upgrades and a few other additions. Buyers can select an M Performance Pro wheel that is wrapped in both leather and Alcantara. It has three-color stitching in the M-brand colors, a 12-hour blue mark, plus trimming in carbon fiber and gearshift paddles. But if you are satisfied with the regular steering wheel, the carbon fiber upholstery and paddles are available separately. A carbon fiber shift knob and thick velor floor mats are also available, along with a suitcase for your key and bags for carrying extra wheels and tires. The prices for all these parts have not yet been announced.

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