2019 Ford Edge ST, EcoSport, Expedition, Explorer SEMA builds

It's that time of the year again: time for car manufacturers to roll out some wildly adapted versions of their family collectors to show what's possible with them. Ford has released sample images of five crossovers and SUVs that have been modified by aftermarket companies. They include the Ford EcoSport, Explorer, Expedition and the 2019 Ford Edge ST, the latter of which may be the first customized copy of Ford's first ST crossover. View them all below.
Tucci Designs 2018 Ford EcoSport

Tucci Designs brought some love on Ford's smallest crossover, the EcoSport. The company did what it could to make this Fiesta-based machine worth a bit more off-road. It features the most powerful 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and adds an outlet from Borla and Ford Performance. It sits on an adjustable helical suspension that should help improve ground clearance. Among the 3D printed fenders are flares 255 mm wide all-terrain tires on 16-inch wheels. If it becomes too difficult, Tucci Designs has also installed a Warn winch. There are additional features for extra protection and a robust appearance, as well as a new diffuser at the back.

Blood group Racing 2019 Ford Edge ST

2019 Ford Edge ST Blood Type Racing

The Chicago-based company Blood Type Racing selected the Edge ST as a canvas. For a company with the word & # 39; blood & # 39; in the name, it certainly keeps blue. Perhaps the crew there is a fan of royalty's. Whatever the case, this Edge ST has a whole range of upgrades, including a high-flow inlet, an improved intercooler and a dual exhaust system. Ford says it increases horsepower, but does not give a real estimate. Aside from the engine upgrades, Blood Type Racing added an air suspension to lower the Edge to the ground and put the 22-inch wheels in. The company also added wide flared mudguards and mud flaps. Inside is an upgraded sound system and a carbon steering wheel.

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MAD Industries 2019 Ford Explorer

MAD Industries 2019 Ford Explorer

MAD Industries has created a Ford Explorer for exploring winding roads and possibly race circuits. It is equipped with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with twin turbocharger with cold air intake, cat-back exhaust and a recalibrated accelerator pedal to be more sensitive and aggressive. But perhaps even more important for the substantial crossover is the Eibach suspension for better road holding and the Power Stop brakes with notched and grooved brakes. The Explorer runs on 24-inch wheels and inside it has an improved audio system and custom-made leather and trim that fit on the outside.

LGE * CTS 2018 Ford Expedition Classic

LGE CTS 2018 Ford Expedition Classic

LGE * CTS decided that the Ford Expedition, like last year, would focus on off-road driving. It features the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 with only one cat-back exhaust. It has improved anti-roll bars and a suspension leveler set. Everything sits on top of 18-inch steel wheels with 285 mm wide tires for the terrain. For a touch of style and ease of use, it has offroad bumpers, a roof basket, a 20-inch light bar and a complete repair kit to release it or any other vehicle. The interior, like most of these other custom creations, features custom leather upholstery and an upgraded sound system.

Hulst Customs Destination Expedition

Holly Customs 2018 Ford Destination Expedition

Rounding off the group is another Ford Expedition. It features the same type of engine configuration as the LGE * CTS expedition with the 3.5-liter engine and a cat exhaust outlet. But this expedition is meant for on the street, clearly by the 26 inch wheels. It is fired by its two-tone color scheme with a number of tailor-made external components, including the grille, hood and windshield with integrated lighting. It also has a snowboard rack, so although it is not meant for off-road driving, Hulst Customs clearly feels that snow will not be a problem.

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