2018 Ford F-150 SC from Roush now makes 650 horsepower

A few years ago, Roush Performance introduced a wild, 600 hp F-150 with off-road suspension and even a warranty. Now the company is raising the ante with the 2018 Ford F-150 SC. In many ways it is the same truck, but now another TVS R2650 charger has been screwed to the 5.0-liter V8. This adds 50 hp more for 650 total. It also brings the torque number from 557 to 610 pound-feet.

The F-150 SC is still supplied with a full complement of other upgrades in addition to power. It has Fox Racing coilovers that lift the truck two inches and keep the stock load capacity. There is also a louder outlet provided, and there is an optional active exhaust that can be operated via a telephone app. Visually, the truck takes custom-made Roush grille, mud guards and lighting. It gets a unique front bumper that retains the functionality of the adaptive cruise control sensors of the truck. The F-150 rolls on 20-inch wheels with 305/55 all-terrain tires. Inside it gets a special serial number badge.

Massive strength and capacities are not cheap. The complete basic set costs $ 22.999 on top of the cost of the truck being adjusted. That said, it is only an increase of $ 399 in the cost of the kit compared to the 2016 version. It also comes with a warranty of 3 months / 36,000 miles, which is more than you can say for many aftermarket upgrades. If it sounds good to you, Roush will start recording orders on October 29th.

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