VW New Beetle pickup truck conversion is certainly unique

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Have you ever looked at a first-generation Volkswagen New Beetle and thought, "Man, that's cool, but I really need it to have a truck bed?" No, we don't, but some people do, including Smyth Performance, a truck conversion specialist, and the company is working on a conversion for just that car.

Smyth Performance estimates that the completed kit will be available sometime in April this year. The photo above of the Facebook page of the company shows that the design is at least almost finished. We admire the company's ability to retain the spherical fender design of the hatchback, although we are not entirely sure whether the stepside design works great with the entire body of the New Beetle and that the car's distinctive dome shape has stopped the shock is abrupt. But it might look better if everything is painted and finished. We are also curious what kind of rear lights will be used. It seems that lamps need to be placed in the rear rolling pan or stick out of the sides of the bed like an old hot rod.

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If you are satisfied with what you see, Smyth Performance takes refundable $ 500 deposits for the first 100 kits. If you make a deposit, you will get a discount price of $ 2,750 instead of the regular price of $ 3,490. If you don't like the Bug but you like the idea of ​​a car-based pickup, Smyth Performance also sells kits for the Volkswagen Jetta and Golf, Audi A4, Subaru Impreza and Dodge Charger.

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