Tesla Model S gets an aftermarket yoke replacement

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Love your new Tesla Model S but hate the stupid yoke? That’s okay, we get it. In fact, anyone who actually drives their car gets it. But now there’s a more viable solution to your buyer’s remorse: an aftermarket steering wheel replacement from Tesla tuning shop T Sportline.

As shown above, the replacement is nearly identical except for the top bezel, which is padded and then wrapped in leather or carbon fiber. T Sportline also offers replacement yokes finished with different materials. You know, in case your only objection to the yoke is that it didn’t come from the factory in lime green.

Unfortunately, Electrek reports, it’s not exactly a simple plug-and-play job. The airbag must be replaced with the new wheel and not all feature packs are compatible with the replacement. For example, if you have the cold weather package, you will lose your heated wheel function.

Replacements also lack the gearshift and turn signal levers found on a Model S built with the stock wheel, so even though you get a conventional shape, you’re still stuck with the push-button controls.

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