Suzuki Jimny Black Bison looks like a mini Mercedes G-Class

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The internet fan Suzuki Jimny strikes again, except that this time is much less adorable in the Wald Black Bison fight. We drove at the end of last year with the small SUV and thought it was good, rattling fun, but this adapted version looks like the foil of the small ute.

Mechanically, the Jimny Black Bison is similar to the normal Jimny. This means that it has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that delivers 99 horsepower and 95 pound-foot torque. Yes, that probably would not fly in the United States. However, the appearance of G-Wagen would be absolute. A lift and outlet with side exit seem to be the most obvious changes that we can see on the photo 's. The exhaust looks like a page from AMG & # 39; s playbook for the G-Wagen.

Wald has added more than a few extra body parts to make this off-roader look unique. It starts with the aggressive tire and wheel set-up, which in turn requires the huge mudguards. This gives the Jimny his super aggressive stance that you see here. A new front and rear bumper plus grille ensure that it does not look like a whole. If you like light, you have enough to choose from here. Additional LEDs are mounted in the lower part of the bumper and a pair of skylights are equipped to illuminate the path in front of you. The bonnet has two huge nostrils that are certainly not needed for the small engine below, but we recognize the dedication to the theme. Finally, there is a roof spoiler that extends higher than any roof spoiler must of a car with a top speed of 90 mph. We imagine that all extra bits lower the top speed even further on the Black Bison.

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No words yet about the availability of the Suzuki Jimny Black Bison edition. This vehicle was unveiled at the Osaka Auto Messe by Wald, so it is not an official Suzuki vehicle. It would be nice to see the complete conversion kit offered to Suzuki owners, but individual sales of the parts is the most likely scenario.

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