Specialty Vehicle Engineering revives the GMC Syclone with 455 hp

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The original GMC Syclone was a 1991-sized Sonoma pickup twisted muscle car. The highly modified 4.3-liter V6 has a turbocharger, intercooler and adapted internals, which increases the output to a Corvette baiting 280 hp and 350 pound-foot torque. The engine was paired with a four-speed automatic rear-wheel drive with front-wheel drive and four-wheel anti-lock brakes (the next thing). With a completely black color scheme and a lower ride height, the Syclone looked good and backed up those looks with a 0-to-60 time of 4.3 seconds and a 13.4-second quarter mile, according to today's magazine test.

Given the recent interest in powerful pickups, it's amazing that GMC didn't revive the Syclone. But where manufacturers are leaving an opening, the aftermarket is stepping in – in this case, Specialty Vehicle Engineering, reporting as CNET, is lifting the nameplate for a build of 100 new Syclones based on the GMC Canyon, which will update the idea much more pk .

The 2019 Syclone takes as its starting point the extended-cab version of the Canyon. The engine is again a V6, this time a 3.6-liter equipped with a blower and a tailor-made exhaust system for cat exhaust, which increases the yield of 455 ponies from the stock 306. SVE & # 39; s Syclone can be used with rear-wheel or four-wheel drive, and it also has brakes and chassis upgrades. Front piston calipers with six pistons are mounted instead of the standard four-piston units, and the front discs with slots are raised from 12.2 inches to 13.6. The suspension is lowered two centimeters in front and five centimeters at the rear, with stiffer traction bars, bushes, dampers and a heavier anti-roll bar at the rear.

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Unlike the original, the modern Syclone can be used in colors other than black – each of the standard Canyon shades is available – but the appearance is adjusted with tilt panel extensions, body color and rear bumper and a composite cap insert. The interior will receive embroidered logos and badges, including a numbered plaque on the dashboard.

The price for the Syclone is $ 39,995 – that is for the package, in addition to the cost of the truck. But ordering is in any case simple: the Syclone package can be ordered through selected GMC dealers.