2019 VW Atlas four-cylinder gets APR tunes

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With Volkswagen's three rows of cross-over in 2019, you can choose between a turbo inline-four or a VR6 with natural suction. So far, the six-cylinder engine is the right choice if you want more power, and that VW, together with four-wheel drive, chooses the powertrain for the Atlas Basecamp concept. But thanks to tuning company APR, the four-cylinder can produce more power than the six-cylinder, making the turbo engine possibly the choice of speed demons with families.

Two tunes are available for the 2019 Atlas, and both bring power and torque above that of the 276 horsepower of the VR6 and the torque of 266 pounds-feet. The first of these is a tune for 87 octane, and it boosts the power of VW & # 39; s noted 235 horsepower and 258 pound-foot torque to 291 horsepower and 317 pound-foot. It is available as just the Stage 1 tune for $ 699, or as the APR Plus for $ 1,099. The attractiveness of the APR Plus option is that APR guarantees the drive for the remainder of the factory warranty, so you can enjoy more power without losing the warranty on your newly purchased crossover.

The other tune is also mentioned as a Stage 1 melody, but is set for premium fuel. At 91 octane it brings the output of the turbo engine to 311 hp and 340 pounds of torque. At 93 octane, the output is 319 hp and 348 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers are fairly close to the modified Atlas (pictured above) that APR has built with a Golf R turbo, but this gain is with a fully standard Atlas engine. This Stage 1 tune also costs just $ 699. There is no APR Plus version of it, so your warranty is at risk.

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In addition to the fact that the four-cylinder is the powerful choice, the APR melodies are also of great value. A basic four-cylinder model starts at $ 31,890, while the cheapest VR6 atlas starts at $ 35,090. With the APR Plus tuning of $ 1,099 you get more power than the VR6, you still have a guarantee and your total costs are $ 32,989. That is a saving of around $ 2,000. The only possible drawback is that this inexpensive VR6-Atlas includes four-wheel drive and that the slightly more expensive FR6 Atlas with a basic drive on the front offers a few extra functions, such as an upgraded infotainment system. But if your deciding factor when buying an Atlas is the power, APR can save you some money and give you more for it.