Novitec Ferrari 812 Superfast makes its debut

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It's hard to imagine improving the incredible Ferrari 812 Superfast, but Novitec now offers a way to do that. Performance improvements of the 789 hp 6.5-liter V12 are planned for later, but there is no shortage of things that you can now match.

To begin with, Novitec has developed an aeropo package with carbon fiber. Developed in a wind tunnel, Novitec claims that its package reduces the front axle lift after installing the pre-tip tip and the edge for the central air intake. Carbon fiber rocker panels, a rear spoiler lip and carbon fiber rear fascia are all fitted to complete the carbon aerodynamic look.

Novitec offers a lowering spring package that drops 1.37 centimeters, but improved dampers are not combined. Since it is lowered, an elevator kit can be installed, with which the front end can be raised by 1.57 centimeters at the touch of a button. You will want this to save the very expensive carbon front lip we mentioned earlier. Larger wheels are added with a staggered 21-inch front and 22-inch rear arrangement. Novitec makes the effort to use a separate dye for each wheel, so that the shape of the spokes is tailored to the specific angle of the car where the wheel is going. This is cool, because you get not only a minute more brake cooling, but you can also brag about your setup for a wild wheel.

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A few different outlets are available to make the 812 Superfast even louder than it already is. The only one you want is made from Inconel, which is the same as in Formula 1. This exhaust saves just over 24 kilos over the Ferrari exhaust system. A version with controlled exhaust valves is also possible.

We wish we could tell you how much a Novitec 812 Superfast costs with everything, but prices are not available yet. Needless to say that Novitec knows that it is pricing them for Ferrari owners, so you can be sure that everything will be expensive. A base 812 Superfast costs about $ 335,000, but we imagine that there are not many of those in the world.

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