Nissan is making it easier to buy a car from home with Nissan@Home

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Nissan is trying to make it easier to buy your next car from the couch with a new program called ‘Nissan @ Home’. The program ran as a trial at seven dealers over the summer, but Nissan says it will expand to the rest of the country in the coming months.

Essentially, the program creates a Nissan @ Home hub on Nissan’s website where customers can go through a number of steps that you can take at the dealer. You can build your ideal car, find similar inventory, estimate your payments, view a digital brochure, get an internet quote and book a test drive from the hub. It’s a fairly comprehensive one-stop shop, and it seems you can book a test drive for anything, even a GT-R.

The dealer is not completely removed from the photo, but it does limit your physical personal contact. That’s great for Covid-19 prevention, and will be great in the future if you prefer to buy your car from home. If you’d rather never have physical contact with the dealer, that’s doable. You can purchase the delivery from home, or you can go to the dealer at any time during the process.

Nissan says all seven dealers who took part in the test drive thought the results were good and encouraged Nissan to roll out the service nationwide. It will be available for all dealers to enroll in the coming months, but no dealers are needed to take over the process. At this rate, Nissan hopes it will be a widely available service by the spring of 2021.

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