New Ford F-150 ad takes subtle digs at redesigned Ram, Chevy pickups

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The spot was produced by Ford & # 39; s ad agency GTB, which created creative services company Big Block.

It does not mention any competitors by name, but Ford's latest commercial for the leading F-150 pickup is meant to remind viewers where the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500 are, even after both were redesigned this year.

The place of 30 seconds, called "Big Dog", reinforces the leadership of the nameplate in the segment for full size pickups and has a German dog, sand sculptures and comedian Denis Leary, a veteran of F-150 ads.

"This year it really was about repeating the status of the F-150 and how that is best shown," Paul Trillo, the director of the commercial, told Automotive News. "The rest of the trucks on the market are a bit in the shadow of F-150, so whatever they do, they will always stay under the big dog."

The spot was produced by Ford & # 39; s ad agency GTB, which created creative services company Big Block. The cameraman of the commercial, Paul Cameron, has worked on television shows such as Westworld and films, including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Despite the bragging rights, the automaker does not call Ram or Chevy directly, unlike the Chevy Silverado commercials that Ford has attacked by name and literally poked holes in the aluminum bed of an F-150.

"If you are the best-selling truck in America, you do not have to name the competition by name," Trillo said. "Instead, it was about visualizing the ability of the F-150 in a way that no other truck commercial would." There is a brutality of the visuals, from the bobblehead of the dog to the exploding truck sand sculpture, which reminds us that F-150 is in the lead and is not afraid to have a little fun while it is ahead of you. "

Ford's F-series has been the nation's best-selling pick-up for years, but competition is on the rise. The Silverado, GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 have been renewed this year with new engines, interiors and unique features that are meant to consume the F-series market share. Ford has now added a diesel option to its truck.

Sales in the US F-series grew by 4.8 percent to 603,926 vehicles up to and including August. Silverado's revenue increased 4.4 percent to 379,441, according to Automotive News estimates, while Ram's brand sales dropped 1.9 percent to 360.214 units.

Trillo said that GTB and Ford essentially left him a & # 39; blank canvas & # 39; gifts to make the ad, and the idea to use dog images came from the leading copywriter Tom O & # 39; Connor and Brad Hensen, the commercial executive creative director.

Big Block has included the ad at multiple locations in California. It runs nationally until the end of the year, especially during NFL games.