Mopar to offer Jeep Gladiator trailer brake controller

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Considering a Jeep Gladiator, but worried it might be a bit more of a toy than a truck? Well, if you’re worried about towing, Mopar has you covered with a new factory accessory trailer brake controller. While a mid-size pickup truck may not be the ideal tractor unit, a factory-backed brake controller provides peace of mind to those who use their trucks as trucks on a regular basis.

And while most midsize trucks can tow up to 7,000 pounds or so (Gladiator included), it’s surprisingly tricky to find a factory trailer brake controller in the current offering. Like Jeep, Ford offers a dealer-installed controller option on the Ranger; GM offers a factory controller on some Colorado cab styles (with dealer-installed kits available for those without one from the factory); Toyota doesn’t seem to offer a factory-installed or factory-approved trailer brake controller for the Tacoma, but for buyers used to having it installed on delivery, that may not be such a shortcoming.

“The new trailer brake controller integrates easily into the Jeep Gladiator instrument panel. Installed in front of the gearshift, the circular control knob provides a consistent look and feel with the vehicle’s interior. The new controller can also be retrofitted to Jeep Gladiators. who are already on their way, ” FCA said in its announcement on Monday.

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To FCA’s credit, this middle ground solution seems at least somewhat elegant. Aside from the quality of the photos provided, it looks like the control knob is for that particular piece of dashboard real estate. And at $ 299, it’s relatively inexpensive piece of mind.

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