Modified 2019 Jeep Wrangler spied at Chrysler test track

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We usually get spy photos from a car, it is a heavily camouflaged vehicle that is being prepared for production. Then there is this Jeep Wrangler from 2019 that is neither disguised nor likely to be a production car. It has extensive off-road modifications and we suspect that this is a one-time use for this year's SEMA show.

The first changes you'll notice are the meaty cage and the removal of elements that hide the driver. The windshield is completely gone, instead of folded down, and the same goes for the soft top. The driver's and passenger doors have been swapped for tube replacement and the tailgate is also gone. The only thing that protects the occupants against the elements is a fabric awning that is stretched over the roll cage pipes. It also seems to have a black and gray version of the American flag.

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There is also only room for two people in this Wrangler. The rear seats have been removed in favor of the roll cage and a large racing fuel cell. The driver and passenger also receive harnesses and Sparco racing seats. The fenders are also lifted to provide extra clearance for the huge all-terrain tires mounted on beadlock wheels.

However, what seems to be the most important change in the truck is the suspension. At the rear, the shock absorbers and springs of the Wrangler have been exchanged for massively long King Off-Road coilovers. The front also has large shocks of the king with extra reservoirs. It seems that this suspension allows for extreme journeys that are ideal for crawling rocks.

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Naturally, all these adjustments, in particular the lack of a windshield, would exclude this as a production car. Instead, this is one of Chrysler's many heavily modified concepts that it shows at events such as SEMA and the Easter Jeep Safari. This Jeep seems pretty close to being ready, and the next event where Chrysler could show things is SEMA, so we bet we will see it.

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