Mil-Spec 004 is the company’s fourth modified production H1

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Mil-Spec continues to roll out custom Hummer H1 & # 39; s. The newest is not built for a specific buyer, so from the moment this article is written, it is available by everyone. It shows some Baja-inspired parts, as well as a different color available for the beast of an SUV.

The new truck is simply called 004 because it is the fourth model of the company's production specification and it started as a four-door convertible truck. Among the Baja-inspired accessories are the rear sports bar and the storage of spare wheels. It has huge 40-inch tires, suitable for use in sandy locations, and of course the beige color is very reminiscent of the desert. It also has a large brush guard, fender flares and a light bar. The combination of components is actually quite close to the first production-specific vehicle of the company, the 001.

Interestingly, this truck is not equipped with the Baja Suspension Package, which increases the travel up to 13 inches and adds spaced reservoir shocks for fast off-road driving. But it has the same 500 hp 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel V8 that we enjoyed in the 003 that we have driven. It also contains the same improved interior with more insulation and more beautiful materials. Mil-Spec asks $ 249,000 for the 004, which is $ 10,000 more than the 003. The 003 is actually still available at the time of writing, so if you like the look, this is a solid way to Spare chunk change as long as you like the color and smaller tires.

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