Kia will return to Super Bowl for 10th straight year

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Kia & # 39; s 2018 spot showed Aerosmith foreman Steven Tyler kicking a Kia stinger in the opposite direction. Photo credit: KIA

Kia extends its advertising arrangement from the Super Bowl to 10 years. A spokesperson for the car brand confirmed the return of Kia. The advertisement is handled by the American David & Goliath, but the automaker refused to confirm other details.

Kia has a history of using celebrities in his Super Bowl ads. In 2018, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler jeered with an inverted Kia Stinger, with which he took a journey back in time that allowed him to rediscover his youth. Kia took a humorous approach in 2017 with a mockery starring Melissa McCarthy who won the Ad Meter from VS Today. The brand used Christopher Walken in 2016 and Pierce Brosnan in 2015.

Kia is the second automaker to confirm an advertisement in the February 3 game broadcast of CBS. Mercedes-Benz, which is based in Atlanta, where the Super Bowl is played, also has a spot. Other brands with confirmed advertisements are Anhsueser-Busch InBev, Colgate, Avocado & # 39; s from Mexico and WeatherTech.

Kia & # 39; s 2019 Super Bowl plans were previously reported by MediaPost.