Jeep J6 pickup truck concept should be offered as a kit

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Among the latest Jeep Safari concepts from Jeep, the J6 delivery van with normal cabin is one of our favorites. It would be such a cool model, especially next to the larger Gladiator. But there are things that make it difficult to get into production. First, the demand for two-door pick-up trucks is low. Secondly, it would be expensive to design the new model and certify whether the concept of Wrangler Unlimited chassis or a shortened Gladiator chassis was used. So we can't get an official Jeep pickup for the regular taxi, right?

Well, there is a way that Jeep can make it work. Our spark of hope comes from the Mopar JK-8 kit a few years ago. Chrysler & # 39; s official accessory parts company has actually created a kit that can turn a JK Wrangler Unlimited into a truck. It used fiberglass panels including bedsides, bed and a new top that could be screwed on by a dealer or by the owner.

It was a great idea back then and would be just as good for the J6 as it eliminates the vast majority of expensive development and certification, because a conversion kit would only be a series of parts to apply to an already certified model. And since the market is probably a small group of die-hards, a good number would probably be fine with having a little work or money to build it. As an added bonus, Jeep would not take up space on an assembly line for equipment and cars that are probably not selling well.

It certainly sounds like a good idea to us. If someone from Jeep is reading, can you bother the Mopar people to put something together?

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