Honda Grom Project GUS sidecar by Industrial Moto LLC

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Honda has a long history of producing pint-sized fun, especially on two wheels – the original Monkey Bike and Super Cub come to mind – and the Grom is no exception. The 125 cc single-cylinder mini motorcycle is just as charming as it is fun. The only important thing missing in the Grom is utility, so a company called Industrial Moto LLC built a multifunctional sidecar to complete the package.

Started in 2011, Industrial Moto is a Virginia-based motorcycle business that specializes in custom-made vintage-builds, particularly café-racers. But the construction with the Grom was a bit different. In an email, industrial owner Tyler Haynes said the goal was to build a versatile sidecar that matched the modified 2018 MSX 125.

Nicknamed "Project GUS", for Grom Utility Sidecar, it features a tubular frame, independent suspension, dual LED headlights, a luggage net and Quick Fist clamps. A removable handle, a passenger seat and a storage box are optional. Suggested applications are towing camping gear, gear, a cooler, tools or even a small person. The do-it-yourself kit is at $ 1,600, and it can be easily screwed on or disconnected for normal two-wheel driving.

In addition to the sidecar, which can be power coated in many colors, Tyler and his team have also raised the Grom. It has a new LED headlight, flashing lights in front of the bow, a modified Tuffside seat and a new exhaust system. Part of the plastic was also removed, some parts were powder coated and the main body was hydrodipped with a unique design.

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Interested in buying one yourself? Current orders are shipped in June. Until then you can view the many other builds of Industrial Moto.