Jaguar’s E-Type Zero will make production

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In case you thought the electric, future-proof Jaguar E-Type Zero concept was just a flight of imagination, Jaguar is about to prove that it is far from it. The E-Type Zero is about to produce, at Jaguars Classic division in Coventry, England.

One of the core ideas with the electrified E-Type is that the new electric powertrain, chosen from the I-Pace, takes up approximately the same space as the original XK six-cylinder engine and gearbox. This not only makes it possible to build new electric versions of reproductive scales, but it also allows electrical conversions of vintage E-types, while the weight distribution and handling remain close to the way the cars were originally designed – they it with more power and torque. And the battery still carries XK badging to make it feel at home in the E-Type. The automaker expects a driving range of more than 170 miles.

The E-Type Zero was originally unveiled a little less than a year ago, and at that time Jaguar noticed that it was only a concept. Now things are far enough advanced for Jaguar to announce small-scale production in the same Coventry factory, where Jaguar is also building new E-Type Reborn versions. If a potential customer wants to electrify his old E-type, that is also possible. And, as Jaguar says, the conversion is completely reversible, in case owners want to return to that sweet, straight six sound.

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"We are overwhelmed by the positive response to the Jaguar E-type Zero concept," said Tim Hannig, director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic. "To be future-proof from the fun of classic car ownership is an important step for Jaguar Classic."

The first production E-Type Zeros will reach the customer's hands in the summer of 2020, according to Jaguar. The latest concept version is shown in the Monterey Car Week in California.

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