GM expands Onstar services beyond its vehicle owners to everyone

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DETROIT — General Motors plans to offer subscriptions to its Onstar Guardian security services to anyone in the United States or Canada who wants to download a smartphone app, going beyond GM vehicle owners in a move to increase recurring revenue to generate.

Onstar Guardian services, including roadside assistance and accident handling, will be offered through an Apple or Android smartphone app to people who don’t drive GM vehicles for $15 a month after a one-month trial, GM said. .

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra is pushing to expand Onstar’s reach — and its monthly subscription revenue — as part of a broader plan to expand the automaker’s revenue streams beyond car and truck production.

Onstar is developing new insurance offers and a data analysis service for fleet managers.

GM did not say in its announcement how much additional revenue it expects from offering Onstar Guardian outside the GM car owner population. The company does not disclose Onstar’s financial results.

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