Ford’s 2021 SEMA Mustang builds: from EcoBoost coupe to Mach-E GT

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Ford’s SEMA spotlight for 2021 is undoubtedly on its trucks, but the Mustang and Mustang Mach-E have also been given some love. In fact, the latter is the real headliner here, with three Mach-E builds making the cut alongside an EcoBoost and GT coupe. Ford sent out some sample images and build details for all five on Friday, so here’s a cheat sheet for those of you planning to see them in person next week in Las Vegas:

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Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Mustang Mach-E GT AWD

We love a cool build, but we appreciate it all the more when it’s done for a good cause. This Mach-E GT fills the bill, and it looks good. While the drivetrain is that of a standard Mach-E GT, there are quite a few aesthetic and handling upgrades to appreciate here.

“This stunning 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT was designed and built by the Austin Hatcher Foundation to help families fight childhood cancer through occupational and distraction therapy programs,” said Ford. “The Space White Mach-E GT features a custom Archetype Racing carbon fiber front splitter and rear wing.”

Those are 20-inch Rotiform R159 OZRs over the big Brembos, if you want to capture some of this look for your own project. It also has a black wrap on the roof and adjustable suspension, Ford says.

All Star Mustang EcoBoost HPP

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Yes, an EcoBoost High Performance Package! Everyone’s favorite turbocharged Mustang is shown here in a one-off teal paint finish by South County Auto Body. Anderson Composites supplied the aero elements. This project was the brainchild of Gene Tjin, whose older brother is responsible for the orange (custom, of course) Mach-E also featured here.

“This Mustang EcoBoost High-Performance Edition, Gene Tjin’s yin to brother Neil Tjin’s Mustang Mach-E yang, embodies the true tradition of pony sports cars,” said Ford. This car runs on air and has a big brake kit under some particularly wild Vossen wheels (LC2-A1s, Ford says). This one has also been tuned under the hood, courtesy of Cobb.

Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT Concept

This is pretty mild by SEMA standard, but then it’s a Shelby, and their brand of flash is a bit more conservative than many tuners we’re used to seeing at SEMA. But what Shelby lacks in outlandish styling, it often makes up for in substance (not to mention production viability).

“Designed to help improve the function and performance of Ford’s next-generation electric vehicles, the Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT Concept showcases graphene-infused carbon fiber body panels to improve aerodynamics and appearance,” said Ford. “It includes an aerodynamic front end, front fenders and rear extensions, and a modified hood with large vent to lower front-end lift.”

This build rides on a MagneRide adaptive suspension with carbon fiber composite springs (!) and a set of 20-inch monoblock wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires. This could be our first glimpse of what Ford has in store for powerful variants of its new EV.

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M2 Engine Mustang GT

Yes, a good old-fashioned V8 Mustang! Even with a supercharger. That’s the stuff. While the build of M2 Motoring may be a fairly traditional take on a traditional formula, we’re fine with that. Variety never hurts.

“Project vehicle veteran M2 Motoring developed this track-minded speedster based on a 2021 Mustang GT with Performance Package,” said Ford. Fitted with a 5.0-liter Ti-VCT production V8 engine and a six-speed manual transmission, the car wears a modified Motorcraft livery and features Ford Performance Parts upgrades such as a 750 horsepower supercharger kit, improved thru-axles and Performance Pack Level 2 front splitter.”

There is more. The chassis and suspension have been completely overhauled using the Ford Performance parts box. The brakes were lifted from Ford’s now-discontinued Shelby GT350R and it comes with the Mach 1’s adjustable camber and caster plates. The wheels are also GT350 carryovers and they are packaged in Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercars in 305/30R19.

Tjin Edition Mustang Mach-E California Route One

Last but not least, Neil Tjin’s Mach-E is based on the California Route One model. As was the case with his brother’s build above, Neil’s car has a custom finish and some big, fat Vossens.

“This vibrant 2021 Mustang Mach-E SUV embodies the audacity of its creator Neil Tjin and offers a glimpse into the electric future with a signature California spirit,” said Ford. Flawless custom bright orange paint contrasts with teal accents in LIGHTWURKZ custom LED headlights and on the badges. Custom solar panels on the top and rear are designed to power a custom teal RayVolt USA electric bicycle. float, mounted on a Thule e-bike rack.”

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Like his brother’s coupe, Neil’s Mach-E runs on air and comes with brake upgrades and solid tires courtesy of Falken.

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