Ford Maverick leads Ford’s selection of souped up SEMA trucks

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Ford’s parade of custom cars continues at SEMA with a number of custom trucks. It’s a big variety this year, as Ford now has about four sizes of trucks, from small to large, from Maverick to Super Duty. We’ve rounded up those who will be on the Ford booth at the upcoming custom car show, starting with little Maverick.

Tucci Ford Maverick

Possibly our favorite of the custom Fords is this Maverick XLT (top photo) from Tucci Hot Rods. It has the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with four-wheel drive, and it’s lowered with a suspension suspension. It also gets a cat-back exhaust. But in addition to the mechanical modifications, it features custom 3D printed wheel arches, front lip and roof spoiler designed by Tucci to give it a sporty street truck look, not to mention the custom wheels. Inside, it has four Recaro racing seats with harnesses. It is rounded off with Ford parts including a tailgate spoiler, bed trim, bed cover and dash cam.

DRAGG Maverick Pickup

DRAGG Ford Maverick

This Maverick was built by the Drag Racing Against Gangs and Graffiti group that helps at-risk youth with programming that could lead to jobs in the automotive industry. As you can see, it has a lifeguard theme that would make it perfect for a “Baywatch” reboot (well, another “Baywatch” reboot). It gets the custom color scheme, extra lighting, custom wheels and waterproof seat covers. Among the Ford parts used are the bed cap, tool box and roof rack.

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Air Design Maverick

Air Design Ford Maverick

The group’s third Maverick was assembled by aftermarket body shop Air Design. It’s another four-wheel drive turbo model, but it’s designed for more dirt than the Tucci truck. It is raised 1.5 inches, has 31 inch tires and features a cat-back exhaust. Fender flares and trim on the doors and tailgate are from Air Design, while Ford supplied the bed cap, floor mats and portable refrigerator.

Attitude Performance Outside Magazine Ranger Tremor

Attitude Performance and Outside Magazine Ford Ranger Tremor

Leading the pack of Rangers on their way to Ford’s SEMA booth, one was built by Attitude Performance and Outside Magazine. It is based on the Ranger Tremor, but continues to increase its off-road capability with a 6-inch lift and large tires (exact size was not given). It has an upgraded exhaust, a Ford off-road bumper and Rigid Industries lights. The Ford and Yakima bed rack supports a Thule tent. The truck also has a Watergen water collector.

Skyjacker Ranger

Skyjacker Ford Ranger

The other Ford Ranger comes from the off-road suspension company Skyjacker. It also has a 6-inch lift and the requisite big tires. Off-road bumpers and rock sliders protect the bodywork, and the Warn winch is there in case you or a friend get seriously stuck. To make it sound a little faster and meaner, a Ford engine calibration was added along with a cat-back exhaust. Rigid lights help light the way.

Hellwig F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid

Hellwig Ford F-150 Hybrid

Moving on to F-150s, we have a hybrid model from Hellwig. This truck is built for serious overlanding with a large bed cap and roof tent. Other camping amenities include an air compressor, refrigerator, 10-litre shower and awning. Auxiliary springs have been added to help with constant added weight and improved anti-roll bars have been fitted. The truck sits on 35-inch tires and has rock rails, a cat-back exhaust and a winch.

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BTR F-150 Tremor

BTR Ford F-150 Tremor

Also in the overlanding camp is the BTR F-150 Tremor. He gets a Ford and Yakima roof rack with a roof tent. A fridge, shower, pull-out kitchen and even a projector are all loaded to bring out the comforts of home. A bike rack is also included to help you get around when the truck is in camping mode.

Hypertech F-150 Hybrid Lariat

Hypertech Ford F-150 Hybrid

A final camping and overlanding F-150 is coming towards us from Hypertech. It has even more conveniences with a pull-out bed system that includes a grill, refrigerator, sink, icemaker, air compressor, and a washer and dryer. Power for these various devices can be provided by the F-150’s built-in power system. The truck also gets off-road bumpers, extra lights, a bed hood and a cat-back exhaust.

Addictive Desert Designs F-150 Raptor

Addictive Desert Designs Ford F-150 Raptor

The final of the four F-150s is more about off-road performance and design than camping. It was built by Addictive Desert Designs, which is known for its off-road bumpers and other accessories. It has custom bumpers, rock rails, a chase rack and a bed-mounted spare tire mount, all from the company. It is topped off by a custom color scheme and Rigid Industries lights.

Advanced Accessory Concepts F-250 Super Duty Tremor

Advanced Accessory Concepts Ford F-250 Super Duty Tremor

We now come to the first of only two Super Duty trucks coming to the Ford podium. Built by Advanced Accessory Concepts, this one took an F-250 Tremor with the 7.3-liter V8 and features some impressive off-road upgrades. It has upgraded Ford locking hubs, a suspension and lift, 37-inch tires and a winch kit. The body is protected by an off-road front bumper and rock rails. It also has rigid lighting, a vehicle locker, a refrigerator, an upgraded stereo system and a bed rack.

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MAD Industries F-450 Super Duty Platinum

MAD Industries Ford F-450 Super Duty

Last but literally the opposite of least is the MAD Industries F-450. It’s one of the heaviest Super Duties on offer, especially with the 6.7-litre turbo diesel V8. Like the aforementioned F-250, it has suspension and lift, but it also adds upgraded sway bars. It sits on flashy forged blue wheels paired with other blue accents, and it sports a four-inch rear-axle exhaust. Some of the added accessories include an air compressor, fold-out toolboxes, a bed cover, and a pet hammock in the cabin.

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