Ferrari SP1 and SP2 get even better with Novitec tune and exhaust

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Finally, the poor juices that the Ferrari SP1 and SP2 own have an aftermarket solution for more horsepower. The car was just a complete dog with the 809 horse 6.5-liter V12 it came out of the factory with.

We joke.

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But really, Novitec just released a tuning and performance package that’s compatible with the SP1 and SP2 that boosts performance to an even higher bug-crushing (with your face) 844 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque. That’s 34 horsepower and 45 pound-feet more than usual, reducing the 0-62 mph run from 2.9 seconds to 2.8 seconds. It is simply said that the top speed is above 300 km / h, after which the critters and your face become one.

The extra power comes thanks to a full Novitec exhaust system (cups on the back) and a Novitec tune. You can choose between stainless steel or Inconel (lightweight material used for exhaust systems for Formula 1 cars). Plus, you can have the exhaust covered with fine gold for better heat dissipation – and you can say your exhaust is covered with gold. You can choose between a system with electronically controlled exhaust valves or a standard system with one sound. Novitec says the one with exhaust valves can get particularly quiet.

If the power isn’t enough, Novitec also offers aftermarket springs that lower the ride height by 1.4 inches to give the car a lower center of gravity. Aftermarket wheels developed with Vossen are also available. They are wrapped with 275-section rubber at the front and 335-section rubber at the back.

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And finally, if the Ferrari interior you chose wasn’t exactly what you wanted (but why not?), Novitec will also adapt the interior to “any color you want”. Choose your leather and alcantara, and get started.

Novitec didn’t release any pricing, and neither did Ferrari when it originally unveiled the SP1 and SP2. Just know that it involves a lot of zeros. For the 500 people who have an SP1 or SP2, it probably doesn’t matter what the price is.

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