Ferrari 250 GTO-inspired GTO Engineering Moderna headed to production

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UK-based GTO Engineering has announced that it will build the Ferrari 250 GTO-inspired Moderna which it released sketches in 2020. While the prancing horse would undoubtedly prefer to keep the design in the history book, a European court has opened the door for replicas and restorations. . mods when it reigned, the company doesn’t own the 250 GTO’s silhouette.

Computer-generated renderings released by GTO Engineering confirm that the Moderna has changed little since we last saw it. The front remains shorter and flatter than that of the 250 GTOs, and it sports a more rounded rear. Styling updates made in recent months include quadruple exhaust tips neatly integrated into the lower rear part of the dash, smoother vents in the fenders and side panels, plus a double-stud roof that is now a bit larger is.

We haven’t seen the interior of the Moderna yet, but we expect the two-seater cab will combine 1960s design and materials with features and technology from the 2010s. Real wood trim and hand-stitched leather will be likely to collide with air conditioning and a touchscreen-based infotainment system. Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

GTO Engineering plans to keep the coupe’s weight below 2,200 pounds (at least 150 pounds less than a 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata) by using carbon fiber body panels and aluminum subframes. Additional renderings posted to the company’s social media accounts confirm that power will come from a V12 with four overhead camshafts and speed stacks, although the performance figures have not been released. As we reported in 2020, the motor turns the rear wheels through a manual gearbox.

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Production and availability remain under scrutiny, but one thing we do know is that the Moderna won’t land with a spot-friendly price tag. GTO Engineering will likely charge seven figures for it. It is largely hand-built and buyers are given the opportunity to customize various aspects of the car such as the paint, trim and chassis components.

Even for a million dollars, or more, the Moderna should sell pretty well. Resto mods are a hot commodity right now. In February 2021, California-based Gunther Werks lifted the veil on a beautifully modernized version of the 993-generation Porsche 911 Speedster. Across the pond, Swedish racing team Cyan puts its 420 hp Volvo P1800 to work by floating it on ice. Plus, a seven-figure price tag makes it much more affordable than a true 250 GTO, one of the most expensive cars in the world. WeatherTech founder David MacNeil bought chassis number 4153GT, a vehicle with a long racing history, in 2018 for $ 70 million.

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