Elon Musk says Tesla has gone from ‘production hell’ to ‘delivery logistics hell’

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Musk: "We are making rapid progress, we have to solve it soon."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Sunday acknowledged that the problems of the electro-automaker have now shifted to delivery logistics of production delays, the latest speed bump in its attempts to make a profit.

"Sorry, we have gone from hell to the delivery of hell, but this problem is much more manageable." We are making rapid progress, should be resolved soon, "Musk said in a tweet in response to a customer complaint about delayed delivery.

The Tesla customer had approached Musk directly on Twitter and claimed that the delivery of her car had just been postponed indefinitely – after three previous delays. She said there were 42 Tesla's in the Union Pacific Railroad depot in Salt Lake City and one of them was hers.

Musk narrowed the paint options on new vehicles last week, his last attempt to streamline production.

In a September 7 blog, Musk said that Tesla is about to build and deliver more than twice as many cars as last quarter. During the three months that ended in June, Tesla produced 53,339 vehicles and delivered 40,740.

Tesla's problems with production and delivery emphasize how the company struggles, just as German rivals prepare their electrical sales. It is expected that Audi will unveil its e-Tron battery-powered crossover later this Monday, which will be released in the showrooms later this year. This month Mercedes-Benz unveiled its own electric crossover and BMW showed its iNEXT concept at the weekend.

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Sorry, we have gone from hell to the delivery of hell, but this problem is much more manageable. We are making rapid progress. Must be resolved soon.

– Elon Musk (@ononmusk) 17 September 2018

Internal collision repair

Also on Sunday, Musk twittered that Tesla brings the most bug repairs indoors. He said that the owners of the vehicles had to wait too long at body shops.

"Exciting to see that some Tesla repairs for collisions are already completed within 24 hours, and within the same time they were aiming for the same day the same day," said Musk.

Musk has also tweeted: "The goal is that a repaired car is better than before an accident. Must always be correct if damaged / used parts are replaced correctly by newer parts."

Reuters and Bloomberg contributed to this report.